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  MSM is a natural sulfur compound for more than 150 different processes in the body. The cycle of MSM starts in the sea where a gas is released in the atmosphere, converted into MSM (DMSO 2) and returned via rainwater. Animals and humans get MSM from the crops uptake.

Sulfur is needed in the body for connective tissue, joint function, enzymes, hormones and immune system. It makes cell membranes flexible and participates in cell exchange of nutrients and waste products.
MSM provides sulfur essential building blocks for the formation of the amino acid Methionine needed for neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins. Methionine participates in amino acids Cysteine - a strong antioxidant, taurine - which binds toxins, Cystine and Creatine.
The sulfur is part of immunoglobulin, insulin - which regulates the uptake of glucose in cells, vitamin B1 and biotin - which regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, and several amino acids. It also helps to oxygenate the body and increase energy levels.

TRIKEM Human MSM is a practical sulfur supplements flavored with black currant that neutralize the bitter taste associated with sulfur products.
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The greatest risk for MSM deficiency has younger athletes or active exerciser and in general from 40 years of age when the production of endogenous substances decreases. Deficiency are always dependent on the relationship between supply and need. Therefore it is always diet, lifestyle, activity and age that determines when we need to supplement our natural assets.

Since the MSM is involved in the body's basic processes, a failure can have major consequences. When deficiencies occur, the body prioritises life-sustaining processes and puts less vital processes at a "low". Therefore, the symptoms of MSM deficiency vary and the effect of an supplement becomes individually.

With all indications of how MSM supplements can affect health, one can get the impression that this is a miracle cure. MSM is from the body's point of view, nothing more than one of our most important nutrient and of course a shortage is as serious such as dehydration, malnutrition or vitamin deficiencies.

Organic sulfur is involved in processes that affect the following entities, and state:
Depression - Cardiovascular disease - plaque buildup in the blood - Snoring - The liver's production of bile - The body's detoxification processes - intestinal function - Cartilage Degradation and Osteoarthritis - Dental Health - eyes and vision - Muscles and endurance - Immune System - Asthma and allergies - Pain - Blood Circulation - tears - Metabolism - Cell division - Wound healing - Scar tissue - Skin, hair and nails - Wrinkles - Pulmonary emphysema - Diabetes - Some cancer forms.
10-40 ml / day
Start with a low dose and gradually increase one week at a time.