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  Improves circulation at the onset of joint stiffness
  With the years, the dogs bit stiffer in the joints. Exercise rounds previously many times longer than the walk is a gentle trot after mum and dad. Weight increases, muscles become smaller and no longer relieves the joints as well. The wear and stiffness of the joints is increasing.

Hyaluronic 365 improves the dog's movement by providing the nutrients needed for joints and muscles. Substances the body with age produces less and less.
The key is hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid to lubricate the joint and decrease wear.
MSM, Chondroitin sulfate and Glucosamine is needed among others to form new cartilage, ligaments and muscle cells.
Many of the supplements available in the market only adds "reparative" substances, but the wear of the trail continues. With Hyaluron365 we supply both reparative substances and compensates for the lack of Hyaluronic that is the root cause of the wear.

The effect of Hyaluronic 365 you'll notice after 1-2 weeks. The joints are lubricated better and the dog quickly get better mobility. It's like lubricate a squeaky hinge.
Hyaluronic 365 is absorbed in the intestine and is distributed to all the body's joints. Helps the dog when it itself does not produce enough Hyaluronic.

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Hyaluronic 365 is given as prevention to middle-aged dogs when the first signs of an incipient stiffness turns out. When the dog no longer jumps in the car and the couch, or when it takes a little too long to get going in the morning. These are signals that may be due to decreased production of synovial fluid. Does your dog agile when it receives Hyaluronic 365 can reduce wear before damage occurs in the joint.
Even dogs already limping due to worn out joints, are often much better with Hyaluron365. First add the substances needed to rehabilitate the joint, but above all improve joint function significantly thanks to the Hyaluronic lubricating effect.

To the hard-working young dogs, Hyaluronic 365 supplement the dog's own production of substances consumed to a greater extent at high load.
10 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing less than 15 kg.
15 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing 15-30 kg.
20 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing 30-45 kg.
25 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing over 45 kg.