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17 new products for active dogs  
WorkingDog are supplement and care products aspecially developed to meet the demands from active, hard working dogs in e.g hunting, duty, sledge, agility or police and military dogs.  
Hard working dogs are like elite athletes where long-term performance, in addition to energy and proteins, requires the right balance of many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Deficiency will result in lower activity and longer recovery.  
  If you add the missing substances,the body will be able to perform more for a longer time. The recovery will then be purely physical and will no longer be about building up nutrient stores.  
WorkingDog is formulated in a tasty, useful prebiotic yeast culture and contains no sugar.  
WorkingDog also includes a new fur care series. Exclusive but affordable premium products - now also with AloeVera.  
  Supplementation of nutrients for working dogs' performance, endurance and durability.   The successful Hyaluron365 for stiff joints is now supplemented with MaxGLM+ (Green Lipped Mussel)
and MaxGlucosamin+. Suitable for preventive maintenance for active dogs.
  MaxProbact is concentrated beneficial bacteria that quickly restore good intestinal culture.
MaxDigestive contains yeast culture and nutrition that maintains and ensures good intestinal flora.
  MaxRelax contains substances needed to deal with anxiety and stress.
Effective in the event of a shot-fear and travel sickness or stress in learning or social situations.
  Well balanced vitamin and mineral supplement of very high quality. Vitamin B formulated with 9 different important B vitamins.
Multivitamin with 20 different vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
WorkingDog fur care is a premium product for the active dog's needs with excellent cleaning and repellent properties. Preserves, protects and lifts the fur's natural shine.
AloeVera products provide a further dimension for strong, soft and shiny coat.