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  The horse cure for sore muscles
  Sweden’s most famous liniment, used on humans and animals for over 50 years. Radital Liniment is an effective, dual-action liniment that locally increases the blood flow, reduces recovery time and provides relief for occasional pain.
On horses, it has a good effect on the wind galls.

Liniment has been used for thousands of years to prevent and relieve discomfort in muscles, tendons and joints. RADITAL is considered the most effective liniment. At first it cools and then switches to long even heat. Widely used in elite sport, general exercising and by physiotherapists, masseurs and in elderly care.
RADITAL has a very strong position on the horse market especially for trotting and racehorses.

Available in both liquid and gel form. Commonly used on animals as a liquid because it penetrates the coat easier. Gel is most used by those who rub the ointment locally and is a bit easier to use on humans.

 Product range    
250 ml   12.8€  
500 ml   20.3€  
600 ml   22.5€  
2500 ml   70.0€  
Usage  Product facts  
Soft and smooth muscle is the best insurance against damage and wear. Before training, treatment with liniment is an excellent way to prepare and warm up muscles before physical training.
After training apply Radital Liniment for a night of prolonged warmth which helps the muscles to recover quickly.

Radital Liniment is often used in generalized muscular pain and fatigue, where the soothing warmth creates relaxation and wellbeing.

Apply or spray on and rub in until the liniment is absorbed.
NOTE! Be careful when bandaging on animals. Improper use may cause scorch.

The amount of ointment is highly individual. Apply with caution and increase the amount for greater effect. Heat comes after about 10 minutes, so take it easy in the beginning before you learned how liniment works best.