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 VIMITAL Multi Pro Balance
  Vitamins and micro minerals
  Vimital Multi Pro Balance contains all important vitamins and micro-minerals the horse requires, based on modern horse management and recent research on the deficiencies of nature.

It is formulated in molasses for extra palatability.

 Product range    
1000 ml   16.5€  
2500 ml   37.9€  
5000 ml   60.1€  
Usage  Product facts  
Multivitamin supplement feed and micro mineral for horses in the environment or food chain. For horses in training and competition as well as older horses given VIMITAL Multi to maintain availability of all essential vitamins and micro minerals and avoid dips in the body's ability to recover quickly.
VIMITAL Multi Pro Balance is carefully formulated to provide the right balance of supplements and avoid potential overdosing of individual substances.
30 ml daily for horse (500kg) in feed.
Other horses in proportion to body weight or as veterinary prescription.
Horse training hard given 50 ml / day. In order not to exceed the maximum levels of additives may Vimital Multivitamin fed with a maximum of 50 ml / day