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  With beneficial probiotic bacteria
  Harmoni Pro contains extremely high concentrations of beneficial probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fibre that quickly restores the balance of intestinal microflora in diarrhea. The bacteria rapidly lowers intestinal pH, thus preventing the forming of toxic bacteria and creating healthy intestinal flora.

The bacteria in Harmoni Pro are encapsulated and dissolves in the intestine. Large amounts of the bacteria thus reach the intestine intact and can be activated, giving Harmony Pro its quick effect. The probiotic fibre is broken down by the bacteria and functions as its nutritional source, thus having a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora.

Can also be used on foals suffering from diarrhoea.
Experiments have shown nearly 100% efficiency.

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Diarrhea is a serious symptom. Firstly, acute diarrhea among others severely for hydration, but it is also a clear sign of bowel function is severely impaired, which affects the breakdown of food, the production of endogenous substances, the absorption of nutrients and ultimately the whole body metabolism.

Harmony Pro has been shown to provide rapid effect on running diarrer the horse and helps restore normal bowel culture. Also works great as a preventative for horses with nervous before the race, and transportation.

Harmony Pro is recommended for short-term and emergency treatment. Then you should support the horse's recovery with VIMITAL Harmony.

If feeding silage try to provide hay and straw as roughage. Many horses have been shown to be sensitive to silage and unable to bring order to the gut after a diarrhea.
2 bags morning and evening feed.
Have no signs of improvement (reduction in diarrhea) marked within 48 hours you should immediately consult a veterinarian.
If signs of improvement continues with the same dose until the diarrhea disappeared and then one sachet morning and evening for another 5 days.
Normally, the treatment does not have to last more than a week.

Preventive given 1-2 bags morning and evening 2 days before such as competition or transportation, and 1 bag / day during the meeting.