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 VIMITAL Electrolyte
  Resets the salt balance in sweating
  Replaces electrolyte imbalance when the horse sweats. A horse can lose 10-15 liters of fluid per hour during training. Giving only water as a replacement, it can take up to four days for the horse to recover salt balance. Addition of electrolytes contributes to faster recovery and better performance.
VIMITAL electrolyte is based on replacing the salt balance primarily through the sodium chloride but also other compounds of sodium, which is the substance which the horse needs for fluid loss. Sodium deficiency can also block the natural thirst reflex, which makes it harder to give the horse compensation.
In order to increase palatability is VIMITAL Electrolyte formulated in glucose.

Electrolyte can lead to dehydration, among others with low efficiency, poor oxygen transport and muscle cramps.

 Product range    
1500 gr   21.8€  
5000 gr   50.9€  
Usage  Product facts  
Given after exercise where the horse sweated. You can not give electrolyte as a preventive measure because the body can not assimilate them when there is need.
It is best to give VIMITAL Electrolyte blended with water, but if the horse does not drink fast enough, so it is perfectly fine to mix the feed.
50 ml / day in mild exercise.
100 ml / day during intensive training or sweating.
Mix in the feed ration for quick and safe removals or dissolve in 10 liters of water.