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  For a calm and more focused horse
  VIMITAL Focus is a feed additive with the substances horses need to manage stress and maintain concentration, eg for learning , training, competition or transportation.
Contains the proven nerve stabilizing ingredients Thiamine (B1), Tryptophan and Magnesium. Addition of Yeast Culture stimulates intestinal microflora and improves the absorption of nutrients.

Stressful situations release substances that trigger the horse's immediate reaction. It is an innate reflex to protect the horse and responds quickly without evaluating the situation. The triggering substances must then be neutralized by other substances in the body. Thiamine , Tryptophan and Magnesium are all part of the stabilization process. Has the horse shortage of these " countermeasures ", it has no possibility to balance their reaction and becomes difficult to manage or will lose focus.

VIMITAL Focus supplement the lack of natural nutrients found in many horses with symptoms of stress or bad temper.

 Product range    
600 gr   38.5€  
4000 gr   N/A  
Usage  Product facts  
Given to horses who overreact to stressful situations, find it difficult to let off steam or revving up mentally for training, competition or unfamiliar situations.
30 ml / day (about 25 g) to large horse (550 kg) in feed.
A double dose the first 5 days or before the expected stress situation.

Others in proportion to body weight or under veterinary prescription.