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  Energy from different fatty acids
  VIMITAL ENERGY Pro Balance is an oil with different fatty acid lengths that are easily absorbed and provide roughly 3½ times more energy than the concentrate ration. Supplements the feed to provide more energy and less starch. Fat is kind to the intestine and does not affect the horse’s temperament.
The horse gets up to 75% of its energy from roughage and have limited ability to absorb energy from starch and fat. Increasing concentrate to performance horses with high energy requirements has several disadvantages.

Starch affects gastric function and is one of the reasons for the extensive problems with stomach ulcers. Starch increases the pH in the stomach which reduces the degradation of proteins and the removal of toxic bacteria. Degradation of starch in the small intestine is dependent on the enzyme Amylase, which the horse only produce in small amount. The horse simply can not break down a large starch-based feed ration. Starch will then come out in the large intestine and destroy parts of the fermentation process.
Even the horse's ability to break down fat is limited, but because fat contains more than 3,5 times as much energy as concentrate, it becomes an efficient energy source.
VIMITAL Energy Balance Pro includes several short, medium and long chain fatty acids, which optimizes the utilisation and the horse's ability to quickly and efficiently access large amounts of energy.
Addition of Lecithin helps digestion and has gentle effect on the stomach and intestinal mucosa.

VIMITAL ENERGY Pro Balance gives you a calmer horse with more energy. Increased dosage before hard work still gives you a balanced horse with even greater stamina. Additionally,it gives the shorter fatty acids explosiveness when really needed. In the longer term it puts less strain on the horse’s stomach and intestines. It sets the course for good nutritional intake, increased endurance, stamina and a healthier life.
 Product range    
2500 ml   30.4€  
5 lit   55.4€  
10 lit   103.2€  
Usage  Product facts  
VIMITAL ENERGY Pro Balance replaces a portion of concentrate and optimizes the horse's ability to utilise the energy from more sources.
Used for performing horses where the energy needed is equivalent of more than 2.5 kg concentrate/day and for horses with digestive problems or thin horses.
Also suitable to replace parts of usual feed to temperamented horses.

Based on a feed ration for light work replace about 1/2 kg feed with 2 cups Energy per day. Prior to and during periods of heavy training, increase the dosage by up to max. 4 to 5 dl a meal. 1 dl energy oil equals roughly 4 dl of concentrate.
Max dose 4 dl/meal.
1 dl energy oil equals roughly 4 dl of concentrate.