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  Quick concentrated energy for increased endurance
  VIMITAL Booster is a powerful energy booster with MCT oil which quickly provides the muscles with concentrated energy. Completely hydrolysed in the intestine and transported directly to the liver for conversion to energy.
Formulated with CLA boosts fat burning and further helps to increase endurance during physical exertion.

MCT oils are short fat molecules that require little or no degradation to be taken up in the intestine. The fatty acids contain 3.5 times more energy than eg starch and MCT-oils handled differently in the body, which makes them an effective source of energy.

CLA's properties as fat burners means it helps to streamline the conversion of fat into energy. CLA can therefore also contribute to better utilization of body fat stores.

VIMITAL Booster is a part of the Pro Balance serie.
Products developed to gently meet the horse's natural metabolism.
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500 ml   36.1€  
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Concentrated energy boost given 1 week before the race for maximum performance. Builds powerful energy reserve without affecting the temperament.