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  Silage balance for horses
  Diarrhea-like stools that affects many horses can depends on silage affecting the intestinal pH value. This favors the establishment of toxic bacteria, which interferes with the intestinal culture and can cause intestinal inflammation. The result is that the degradition of food deteriorates as well as nutrient absorption and immune function.

VIMITAL GutBalance is specially developed to balance the intestinal culture in horses react with watery stools on silage.
- Based on prebiotics and yeast culture, which adjusts the intestine pH.
- Optimizes the degradition and thereby improves nutrient absorption.
- Supplemented with minerals and vitamins needed to compensate for losses associated with intestinal disorders.
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1000 g   26.4€  
Usage  Product facts  
VIMITAL GutBalance should be given immediately when the horse have stool problems to reduce the risk of toxic bacteria become established in the gut.

For more severe problems, we recommend initial treatment with VIMITAL Harmony Pro for 1-2 days and then VIMITAL GutBalance
100 g / day for 10 days for a 550 kg horse.
Subsequently 50 g / day.