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 VIMITAL Collagen PS
  Comprehensive joint supplement
  Collagen constitutes 25-30% of the body's protein and is building material for tissue, ligaments, tendons, skeletons and teeth. Collagen I is the most common form in, among other things, skin, tendons and the organs of the organs, while Collagen II is found in the cartilage of the joint surfaces.
Studies show that hydrolyzed Collagen is absorbed into the intestine via the lymphatic system and participates in the formation of new tendons and cartilage.

With VIMITAL Collagen PS you get a comprehensive supplement of body and natural substances that are included in the maintenance of all parts and wear surfaces of the joints.

Collagen I - participates in the new formation of tissue around the joint, such as tendons, muscle fasteners and ligaments.
Collagen II - is part of the new formation of joint cartilage.
Hyaluron - maintains the lubricant function of the synovial fluid and improves nutritional delivery into the joint.
Chondroitin - joint supplements that interact with Collagen.
MSM - sulfur that is included in the structure of all cells.
 Product range    
600 g   67.8€  
3000 g   241.8€  
Usage  Product facts  
Collagen PS has been specially developed for the maintenance of the competition horse's entire joint structure and for the rehabilitation of horses with reduced joint status. The complete assembly supports all parts of the joint structure.

Collagen PS is vascular free, which gives the opportunity to consistently support even heavily loaded racing horses when those who need the best.
30 ml (15 g) 2 times / day for 10 days to horse 550 kg.
Then 30 ml / day.