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  Highly concentrated prebiotic protein supplements
  VIMITAL Protein Complex Pro Balance is a highly concentrated protein supplement based on a unique fermented yeast fiber blend. High protein and optimal amino acid balance contributes to good development of the horse's muscles.
Protein Complex provides gentle starchless energy where the fiber and yeast culture prebiotic effect improves the balance of the intestinal micro flora and contributes to increased nutrient uptake.

Protein Complex is based on wheat fermented in a process that removes the starch and create yeast fiber. This gives a product with a high protein content and a unique yeast culture - rich in natural nutrients.
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VIMITAL Protein Complex is generally used as a supplement in protein-poor diets.

For both young and race horses as to senior horses use VIMITAL Protein Complex with VIMITAL Energy Pro Balance to achieve a gentle, starch poor ration that optimize the horse's natural nutrient uptake and bowel functions. Combined with good forage you get the best conditions to control energy based on low or maximum performance without negative effects on the stomach and intestines.

Complete mineral and vitamin needs with VIMITAL Macro and Multi Pro Balance.
500 g / day or according ration calculation.
Start with 100 g and increase gradually over a few weeks.