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 RADICIN Hoof Paste
  With 15% beeswax
  RADICIN HoofPaste is a smooth hoof paste with only natural ingredients and extra high content of beeswax. Provides a very smooth and soft paste that is easy to brush on the hoof without smudging.

RADICIN HoofPaste has the ability to block moisture and preserves the hoof’s natural moisture and suppleness in all seasons and all weather. Stable hoof quality helps your farrier do a good job.

Rapeseed oil in RADICIN HoofPaste gives a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and high penetration. Also enriched with vitamin E, a strong antioxidant.

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750 ml   25.3€  
Usage  Product facts  
For care of the horse's hooves. Brush or wipe with a sponge on the outside of a clean and surface dry hoof. Easy to apply. Sticky.
Treat maximum of 3 times a week.

Not used on the sole or frog.