Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance found in the brain, eyes, skin and joints. Hyaluronic molecules have great ability to bind fluid and gives the tissue elasticity and fullness. In the synovial fluid hyaluronic acid acts as joint shock absorber and lubricant, but also has an important role as carrier of nutrients into the joint.
Joint problems are often due to that worn or damaged articular cartilage gives inflammations which also destroys the synovial fluid. The body then loses the ability to bring in healing nutrients into the joints which reduces synovial fluid lubricating function. The wear on the joint cartilage then becomes even greater.

Daily dietary supplements of Hyaluronic Acid support body own production so that synovial fluid is renewed. Nutrient transport into the joints increases while joint lubricats better and reduces wear.

  MSM is a natural sulfur compound an d a part of more than 150 different processes in the body. MSM makes cell walls elastic and more permeable, which facilitates the cell's uptake of nutrients and oxygen, while the waste products can be more easily be carried away.
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