Namnlöst dokument
  A soft, smooth and well muscled horse that is comfortable in the work requires a complete nutrional supplement for optimal performance.  
Modern procedures for grazing and feed, environmental impact, training and yearround competitions, requires quite different demands for increased nutrition and preventive care.
Based on international research and several
horse experts, Trikem     works to make up for        deficiencies from         the horse's needs.
  The dog of today is not only a faithful companion. Dog ownership is a lifestyle for physical activity, a hobby and sometimes a part of the work  
Sound increased activity has extended the life of the dog and the need for prevention. The older dog needs to be compensated for decreased production of endogenous substances.
Trikems dog product range focuses on muscle and joint additives for preserved mobility during the dogs entire life.
  Humans are getting older with rich active life. Our healthier way of life is obviously good but also requires more than energy supplements.  
Right from the age of 40 there are a decreased production of body substances that are necessary to sustain life functions. Deficiency can create reduced resistance and wear.
Trikems product range for humans meet our growing need for nutrients and health products and give us opportunities for a long and active life.